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Busted! Don’t Believe This Home Inspection Myth!

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For those buying a new home, it’s essential to include a professional home inspection in your home buying “to do” list. A home inspection process or purpose is to determine whether a property makes or breaks the sale after a home inspector has evaluated its overall condition and functioning. Based on these investigations, they will give you enough information to make an educated decision on your pick. However, several facts and fiction can mislead you and create assumptions on how a home inspection works. Therefore to help you steer clear of these misconceptions, 1st Selection Home Inspection has debunked one of the most widely believed myths about home inspection.

Myth: Newly built homes don’t need to be inspected
Although a newly built home may relatively seem error-free, they often have several underlying issues that can go unnoticed. At 1st Selection Home Inspection, we have found many defects and deficiencies in new construction homes, especially a serious issue like mold that can be a significant concern. Moreover, with the chances of incomplete projects, it can create problems like insufficient insulation, half-installed fixtures, missing pieces of hardware, structural defects like foundation cracks, improper grading, poor framing, drainage, and grading issues, window leaks, HVAC issues, and electrical problems.

When or if you decide to sell your home in the future, your potential buyer will likely have a home inspection done. Any problems or issues that date back to the original construction, the expense of fixing those findings will fall on your shoulders.

Know that building a home is a major project and requires help from various vendors and subcontractors. With several activities running simultaneously, it is possible for some work to be overlooked. Therefore to be on the safer side, make sure to have a brand-new or newly flipped home thoroughly inspected by an expert home inspector.

If you’re looking to steer clear of this and more home inspection myths, reach out to 1st Selection Home Inspection. As a fully licensed home inspector in New York, Connecticut, we strive to provide an honest and integrity-filled service to everything we say and do. Giving you an excellent service is our only priority before, during, and after the inspection. We provide unbiased advice and comprehensive findings of a property to help you in your decision-making process. Our services include home buyer’s inspection, pre-listing inspection, new construction inspection, termite inspection, radon testing, drone roof inspection, laboratory analysis, and water testing thermal imaging, to name a few.

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