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No one understands that better than 1st Selection Home Inspection. We provide the best home inspection in Greenwich, CT.

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments people make – your decision will affect you for years to come. That’s why a home inspection is so important.

When purchasing a home, there is always a risk. A professional inspection will greatly reduce that risk, by identifying any aspects of the home that may need attention. This can help make the entire home buying process easier, and removes the stress and worry from your decision.

Our services are comprehensive and thorough.

Radon Testing Sevices in Greenwich, Home Inspection in Greenwich

Radon Testing Services

According to the American Cancer Society, scientists estimate that 20,000 lung cancer deaths a year are related to radon.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that radon poses a worldwide risk in homes. It is a naturally-occurring radioactive gas that is a by-product of the radioactive decay of uranium and radium.

1st Selection Inspection employs E-PERM® technology to provide you with an accurate result. Per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), you should take steps to resolve the issue if the radon level is 4pCi/l or higher.

Check the Radon Zone Map to see if your area is prone to higher levels of radon. It is a necessary step for your home inspection Greenwich, CT and Surrounding Areas

Our Customers Says

Our Customers Says

Mold Inspection Services

Mold is everywhere – all homes, no matter what the age, have at least very small amount of mold.

A professional mold inspection includes a comprehensive visual inspection to detect issues and problems related to mold that may not be apparent to most people.

Let our specialized technically-trained mold inspector gather samples from the home and arrange laboratory testing for the presence of mold. 1st Selection Home Inspection Greenwich, CT can make the process easy for you.

Radon Testing Services in Greenwich, Home Inspection in Greenwich

Termite Inspection Service from 1st Selection Home Inspection, Greenwich, CT and Surrounding Areas

Termite Inspection Services in Greenwich, Home Inspection in Greenwich

While a termite inspection is an expense typically borne by the buyer…it is worth the price.

A termite inspector can help determine more than just the warning signs of termites. Most inspectors are trained to recognize the presence of other wood-destroying pests such as carpenter ants as well.

Let our experts give you a comprehensive analysis of any wood-destroying pests in the house.

Water Testing (Lead) Service

Testing for water quality is a simple, yet specialized test that checks a home’s water supply for contaminants and pollutants, such as chlorine, coliform bacteria and lead.

This testing can also identify pH chemical imbalances and other attributes, such as water hardness. Homes have internal plumbing materials containing lead. Since you cannot see, taste or smell the lead that is dissolved in water, testing is the only guaranteed way of telling whether there are harmful levels of lead in your drinking water.

Let our Home Inspection Greenwich, CT and Surrounding Areas team work for you.

Water Testing in Greenwich, Home Inspection in Greenwich

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